EuroCork Wall Design Launches EC Wall Design Re-Brand

By Jessica Laudien
Posted in News, on May 10, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC – After over 15 years distributing quality Portuguese wall and flooring materials across North America, EuroCork Wall Design is expanding its offering and re-branding as EC Wall Design. EC Wall Design will continue carrying innovative and inspiring products from EuroCork in addition to popular brands like Stikwood and DuChateau.

With these dedicated manufactures, EC Wall Design is committed to providing clients with high quality architectural wall coverings that are sustainable, user friendly and showcase design excellence in hospitality, residential and commercial interiors.

“For years we’ve worked with EuroCork bringing unique design solutions to our clients,” explains Jessica Laudien, Founder of EC Wall Design. “The desire for creative and natural wall covering materials has increased and we are thrilled to now offer a wide range of exclusive products in addition to our EuroCork line.”

EC Wall Design is the only North American provider of EuroCork. This uniquely designed wall covering showcases the versatility and character of cork panels. Stikwood products offer a modern approach to wood wall décor as the world’s first peel & stick solid wood planking. DuChateau showcases sophisticated old-world traditional craftsmanship fused with state-of-the-art technology, and is has been brought to Canada for the first time by EC Wall Design.

“We are so excited to share these new products with our clients,” says Laudien. “EuroCork, DuChateau and Stikwood are high quality, stunning products providing unique and organic looks across a wide variety of spaces. This re-brand allows us to continue our global search for the best, natural wall coverings and share them with our clients to enhance and bring warmth to their favourite spaces.”

EC Wall Design maintains the dedication and commitment of EuroCork Wall Coverings to supply premium wall coverings made from globally sourced natural materials. EC Wall Design will continue to develop new products that are sustainable, user friendly, and most importantly, deliver beauty and harmony to both commercial and residential surroundings.

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