The Bricks you have been waiting for. Made from real bark.

By Jessica Laudien
Posted in News, on May 21, 2015

EC Wall Design is all about sustainable and inspiring wall covering products, so we are pleased to present LARGE BRICKS -part of the Textured Wall Design Collection. These Cork wall panels are assembled as bricks and are made from 100% renewable resource.  They make perfect feature walls in any kind of room, they add organic texture to all design motives.  Cork is extremely functional as well since it is a natural insulator, especially for sound. These bricks are very easy to install!

Bricks 1'x 2' Cork Wall Tile

Why we love bricks

They remind us of centuries-old spaces, reminiscent of times past.

The walls in our favorite pub that has at least 50 craft beers.

Bricks are classy and stylish part of any interior design.

Bricks are cozy.


Why Cork

 Cork is natural, sustainable, and organic.

Cork is light-weight and easy to install.

Cork looks incredible

Client Testimonial “Anything you can imagine with bricks, is easier with cork”!