EuroCork and Stikwood bring North Vancouver charm to Walter’s Place

By Jessica Laudien
Posted in News, on July 09, 2015

EuroCork and Stikwood bring North Vancouver charm to Walter’s Place

Inspired by the North Shore views where the mountains meet the sky, Walters Place takes its name from Lynn Valley pioneer Walter Draycott who discovered the area in 1912. The boutique condo development presentation centre is located in a private cul-de-sac in Lynn Valley Village, North Vancouver. Design inspiration for the project came from the site’s backdrop featuring dense greenery and towering mountains. The presentation centre reflects this vision, blurring the lines between the indoors and the natural surroundings outside.

“Lynn Valley is characterized by the outdoors, the trails and the mountains and as such we wanted to use a lot of wood to bring that character out in the presentation space,” says Hesam Deihimi, Principal of Milori Homes, developers for the project. “It’s a 34,000 foot space with 20 foot high ceilings. We wanted to bring the feel of the outdoors into the space. EC Wall Design’s unique products allowed us to do that. Especially their cork wall, it’s one of a kind, I haven’t seen a product like that before. It was a great match for our project.”

“We have the utmost respect for cork and reclaimed wood’s natural character,” adds Jessica Laudien, Founder of EC Wall Design. “This project allowed us to showcase these products in an ideal setting. The colours of Stikwood and EuroCork compliment the polished concrete floors. Simple floors are popular but there’s that requirement for a space to have colour and texture. The results are beautiful.”

It started with EuroCork

“The initial vision was the EuroCork, that’s how we started everything,” shares Hillary Stoddard Interior Designer at Portico Design Group. “We did a Lunch and Learn with Jessica and she brought by some EuroCork. We held it to the side waiting for the right project. We had it pulled the second we saw Walter’s Place; we knew we wanted to work with the EuroCork in the presentation centre. The price point was really good also, making it really appealing to the client. Through EuroCork we discovered the Stikwood.”

The development offers two colour schemes for residents, Village or Mountain. Stikwood represents the village colours while rustic EuroCork represents the mountain theme. The schemes characterize the integration between modern living and the diversity of the Lynn Canyon neighborhood and surrounds.

Village Theme

Wood plays a strong role in the exterior façade design of Walters Place and designers wanted this reflected indoors. Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered White was chosen for its naturally aged qualities and simple installation. The white colours emulate the snow-capped mountains that form North Vancouver’s alpine backdrop during the winter months. “In terms of colour it gives the space character and at the same time it’s not too intrusive to the eye. Overall I’m really happy with the Stikwood,” says Deihimi.

Mountain Theme

EuroCork Outer Bark, Rare Indigo was used in the lobby, signifying the surrounding forest. The welcome area is a visitor’s first taste of the development and the warmth of the Cork showcasing the Walter’s Place name is an ideal entry point to the project. The earthy tone, infused with grey and taupe hues perfectly represents the native Douglas Firs and Western Cedars trees that line local trails.

“The EuroCork is ideal for a busy lobby or sales centre setting where there are simultaneous conversations or private discussions,” explains Laudien. “Cork is functional as well as beautiful. The natural insulation absorbs sound, minimizing distraction. The wall coverings are perfect for mounting on or acting themselves as feature art.”

“What drew me to the EuroCork was the natural colour, says Stoddard. “It’s got a really great texture and I love the unprocessed appearance.”

Functional Design

“For us it’s about the combination of functional design with results that compliments context,” continues Laudien. “It’s intrinsic for humans to seek out natural and organic textures and that’s where these surfacing materials make a great finishing touch, bringing a hint of outside to the interior in a sophisticated and classic way.

See EC Wall Design’s EuroCork Rare Indigo and Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered White products for yourself. Walter’s Place Presentation Centre is now open Saturday – Thursday 12-6pm. Visit the project at 1335 Draycott Road, North Vancouver. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017.