Peel, Stick, Install at Walter’s Place

By Jessica Laudien
Posted in News, on July 17, 2015

Peel, Stick, Install at Walter’s Place

The rustic, North Vancouver lifestyle infuses the Walter’s Place presentation centre. Stikwood reclaimed wood walls and EuroCork wall coverings emulate natural views with a rustic fusion of indoors and outdoors. “The boutique condo development is home to 35 large two and three bedroom condos perfect for young families or families looking to downsize,” says Hesam Deihimi, Principal at Milori Homes, developers for the project. “Many buyers have strong connections to the North Shore or existing roots in the community.”

The West Coast lifestyle, popular with locals, is the inspiration behind both the development and the presentation centre at Walter’s Place. EC Wall Design’s EuroCork Outer Bark Rare Indigo and Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered White products play an important role bringing the tree-lined trails indoors with the warmth of the wood.

The appearance and style of the presentation centre were important to both Deihimi and Interior Designer Hilary Stoddard of Portico Design Group. But in addition, installation time and ease were also key factors, in particular with the temporary presentation centre. Both the Stikwood and EuroCork are known for their straightforward installation process. “Both products went in really easily, installation was simple and Jessica was great to work with, really helpful,” says Stoddard of the process.

Peel and Stick

“The Stikwood was very easy to install,” echoes Deihimi. “Not having to spend a lot on the labour component was a feature we benefitted from.” Easy installation of the Stikwood is a feature that surprises many users. Despite the longevity and strength of natural materials it is a simple and efficient application to transform a space. The peel and stick design is as straightforward as it sounds.  This feature makes Stikwood a great product for a temporary presentation centre as well as for a DYI homeowner. Required supplies are limited and installation can be completed easily by first time users. This cost-effective, real wood product creates a beautiful finish and covers much of Walter’s Place presentation centre.  The reclaimed character of the wood provides a comfortable yet sophisticated look and texture.


The EuroCork Outer Bark Rare Indigo brings natural warmth to the presentation centre at Walter’s Place. While the product makes a stunning feature wall it is also ideal for mounting on and proudly showcases the Walters Place logo at the entry of the Centre. Like the Stikwood, the installation process for the EuroCork is simple and a suitable option for DIY. The team at Walter’s Place installed the product in hours and plans to reuse the product in common spaces at the completed development. For residential projects, EC Wall Design has installation tips to assist with the process.

Although the product originates on Portugal, its bark-like appearance emulates the Lynn Valley surroundings. The product comes from the outer bark of the cork tree, adding character and depth to any space through the earthy tones and organic hues.



The beautiful natural setting of the North Shore demands environmental sensitivity. Walter’s Place will be BuiltGreen equivalent and comply with BuiltGreen Gold Standards, honouring its natural surroundings.

EuroCork comes from a renewable, environmentally friendly resource. During cork harvesting the tree is never cut down or removed. Cork Oak bark regenerate itself after harvest, leaving the tree unharmed. Stikwood is 100% real wood product with recyclable trimmings and tape peelings. Its reclaimed properties make it environmentally friendly as well as cost effective.

We’re planning to re-use the EuroCork in the final building at the entry point, in a different application than the sales centre,” says Stoddard. “It’s a great looking product with various application opportunities, one I’m really excited about using.”

See EC Wall Design’s EuroCork Rare Indigo and Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered White products for yourself. Walter’s Place Presentation Centre is now open Saturday – Thursday 12-6pm. Visit the project at 1335 Draycott Road, North Vancouver. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017.