DuChâteau Wall Coverings Bring Timeless Luxury

By Jessica Laudien
Posted in News, on November 23, 2015

Since DuChâteau launched their Wall Covering Division last year they are now turning heads from side to side in addition to up and down as they’ve been with their flooring products since 2007. As Chief Product Officer for DuChâteau, Joe Langenauer describes the wall coverings as, “a winning trifecta. The combination of architectural and geometric design, amazing finishes and the power of wood combined are incredible.”

IDSWest DuChateau KrescentDuChâteau is a lifestyle brand, bringing unique, natural touches to spaces of all arrangements. The products were a hit with architects, designers and homeowners at the recent Interior Design Show (IDS) West, held in Vancouver, BC last September, drawing attention from residential, hospitality and commercial clients. The popular annual event featured over 275 exhibitors from North America showcasing top interiors products and services. EC Wall Design, in partnership with Pure Wood Studio, featured DuChâteau Curva, made from American Walnut, as part of their exhibit signage, captivating show-goers.

EC Wall Design carries all 12 of the DuChâteau products as part of their exclusive line of wall coverings. Sister flooring company Europlex has worked with DuChâteau for over eight years. “DuChâteau continues to deliver the most iconic flooring and wall covering trends in the industry,” shares Jessica Laudien, Founder of  EC Wall Design. “The versatility of the products means clients who have used it in their office come back wanting to experience it in their home. Luckily it’s an easy installation process and can be designed for use anywhere, transforming a space of any size.”

“Wood is incredibly unique,” adds Douglas Bonilla, Brand Strategist for DuChâteau Creative. “No two pieces are ever going to be the same. They can’t be manufactured as such so, based on the qualities of wood, you’re going to have that variation, that’s what DuChâteau is about. Each individual piece of wall covering is going to be unique, special and interesting. You’re going to find something different in each wall covering that holds your attention.”

Each of the 12 styles of DuChâteau highlights the beauty of the natural world, representing the juxtaposition of the positive and negative space and unique perspectives of each angle. Light, shadow and textures play against the natural tonalities of the wood, which can capture attention of even a familiar passer-by. In high traffic spaces where wood flooring is not an option, DuChâteau wall coverings bring the natural outdoors, inside, fusing timeless design with modern style.  White oak and walnut are the woods primarily used across DuChâteau wall coverings and the custom finishes are matched with the particular species to produce unique and striking results.

Combining function with beauty, DuChâteau wall coverings are sophisticated yet versatile. From an intimate meeting room to the feature wall of a grand lobby, the natural qualities and texture capture intrigue and exude luxury. Although the coverings look like art themselves, the option to mount paintings, signage and more onto the wall covering increases usability and allows for a lifetime product. DuChâteau’s modern and innovative use of wood redefines modern design. In the home it creates a focal point, adding texture, dimension and ultimately interest to any feature wall. From bathrooms to boardrooms, the unique yet instantly recognizable designs are making statements and defining corporate brands. Designs are enhancing the user’s journey through a space while delighting them along the way.

 “These styles are so incredible, they really need to be seen and touched,” says Laudien. “We encourage designers and homeowners alike to come view these architectural products in select showrooms across Western Canada. In addition to EC Wall Design’s Delta location, DuChâteau can be found at Woodpecker (Vancouver), Pure Wood Studio (Burnaby), Diamond Carpets (Surrey), Action Flooring (Edmonton) and Nu-Way Floor Fashions (Calgary).”