EuroCork features a line of fun and uniquely designed cork wall coverings. The beauty of cork is not only its texture, but it is the warmth and comfort of cork that sets it apart. Its lush textures have a depth and character unlike any other material. For years cork has been used as an utilitarian wall covering, perfect for notes and push pins, recently cork has become popular as a floor covering, but the real beauty of cork, is its versatility as a wall covering. The cork collection ranges from large rough pieces of cork bark, to 3 dimension geometric pattern, to a wide range of printed cork panels. Our line of EuroCork products are perfect for commercial usages, but in your home for feature walls, family rooms, and bedrooms - anywhere you want warmth and character.

  • Sophia

    $5.00 - $245.00
  • Stacked (Cork Bark)

    $5.00 - $270.00
  • Suave

    $5.00 - $300.00
  • Temptation

    $5.00 - $245.00