About Us

EuroCork Wall Design offers innovative and inspiring products that will fulfill the hearts and minds of those focusing on a modern and sustainable product, while upholding the respect for cork and reclaimed wood’s natural character.

EC Wall Design was founded through the passion and success we have had through distribution of cork flooring material. The “EuroCork” brand has been a flooring material distributed across North America for 15 years. Our solid foundations and partnership with our Portuguese manufacturer has allowed us to expand our vision beyond flooring.

Join us in our ongoing story and dedication to supplying innovation, precision, and sustainable wall covering materials.

Our clients are critical to our success.

  • We recognize the need for good partnerships and strong collaboration. Relationships at every level are of utmost importance to us.
  • We have various sampling programs to cater to your individual needs. 
  • Products are in-stock and are shipped promptly.
  • You have the advantage of buying directly from the importer.